Facebook Influencer Database: How to find Facebook influencers?

If you’re planning an influencer marketing campaign, it’s significant to understand your target audience and where they hang out. If your target audience is active on Facebook then it is where you need to implement your influencer marketing campaign.And, if you're looking to start Facebook influencer marketing but don't know how to find Facebook influencers that can help your cause? You’ve been using the Facebook influencer database but in vain?Relax and read this blog to the very end and we promise you’ll walk out not only with how to find Facebook influencers but also using different platforms other than the Facebook influencer database to find them.

Facebook may not be the first social media platform to come to mind when you hear ‘influencer marketing’ but, with 2.93 billion monthly active users globally, Facebook is still the most popular social media even in 2023.

Mark Zuckerberg said, “I think that any good vision of the future has to involve a lot more people being able to make a living by expressing their creativity and by doing things they want to do, rather than things they have to — and having the tools and the economy around them to support their work is critical,” in the first-ever creator week held by Instagram.

He also announced to invest $1 Billion into the creator economy by the end of 2022. And, this alone testifies how Facebook influencer marketing is the next big thing.

Why use Facebook influencer marketing for your brand?

We understand the hesitance that comes with using Facebook for influencer marketing. But, after Meta announced a $1 billion investment into the creator economy and Facebook being the 2nd most used global app (source: Hootsuite), we can’t deny its potential.

Facebook is not just an app, it has become a way of life for a lot of different individuals. It also is the place where 19% of U.S. consumers (source: Insider Intelligence) start their shopping search.

With Facebook’s potential advertising reach of 2.08 billion (source: Hootsuite) people, only 52% (source: Statista) marketers used Facebook for influencer marketing.

All the statistics point towards the rise of Facebook as an essential influencer marketing platform. And, if you’re not considering Facebook for influencer marketing, then you’re leaving money on the table.

With all that said, let’s brush up on some basics.

What is influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing. It involves brands collaborating with social media influencers to promote their products/services online.

Influencers work hard to build the audience and win over trust making their recommendations more valuable to their audience than any form of advertising. In fact, a whopping 53% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on influencers’ recommendations.

And, If you’re looking to grow your consumer base online, Facebook influencer marketing is just the right thing to do.

Types of influencers

We can categorize influencers into 4 different types based on their audience size and engagement rates:

Source: Phyllo

The engagement rate of an influencer decreases as the size of their audience increases. Hence, onboarding a mix of different types of influencers for a marketing campaign is the best bet to reach different audience segments and encourage engagement.

Prerequisites to finding the right Facebook influencers

With all the understanding of Facebook influencer marketing, it’s now time to find the right Facebook influencer for your brand. Finding 'THE' Facebook influencer that aligns with your brand values is a tedious task. But, it doesn't have to be this way if you follow all the steps we’ve listed below you'll discover the right match for your business.

Before you hop on to find the influencers that fit your criteria it is crucial to -

1. List your business objectives:

It is important to list the goals that you’re looking to accomplish through the influencer partnership. Between 3.2 million and 37.8 million influencers in the world (source: EarthWeb), it’s impossible to track down the right influencer for your brand without having specific goals in mind.

Here are some examples of business objectives a brand may have:

A. to increase brand awareness

B. to generate website traffic

C. to increase sales

D. to boost content production

2. Map your ideal creator persona

Now that you have your business objectives planned, it’s time to move on to the next step - mapping your ideal creator persona. One great tip to add here is to find the influencers that align with your target audience to make the collaboration look authentic and generate results.

Creating an ideal creator persona will help you find the best match on the Facebook influencer database.

There are certain aspects to consider when it comes to mapping the ideal creator persona:

A. What are the creator demographics?

The demographics to consider include age, gender, nationality, education, income, etc.

B. What is their number of followers?

Determining the audience size of an influencer helps you understand if they can deliver on your objectives or not.

For example, if you're looking to increase traffic then collaborating with nano and micro-influencers is the best bet. But, if you're looking to increase brand awareness then macro and celebrity influencers work great.

C. What is the engagement rate?

Just like we discussed previously in this article, the engagement rate of an influencer decreases with the increase in the size of the audience. Hence, it is critical to analyze the engagement rate to deliver on your business goals.

D. Are they reliable?

There are a lot of wannabe influencers in the market that doesn’t deliver as promised and hence, it’s crucial to check they’re reliable for the collaboration and can be trusted.

E. Do their creatives match your brand?

There are a lot of different creators with different brand aesthetics. You need to find the one that matches your brand’s aesthetics so the collaboration looks authentic and doesn't shock the audience.

Platforms to find Facebook influencers

Now that we’re done with the prerequisites of finding the right Facebook influencers for your business, it’s time to get into the real work of actually finding them.

Here are the different ways to track down potential influencers:

1. Googling

This is the simplest way of discovering influencers. Just a quick google search with the relevant hashtags and keywords can show you social posts with the information.

To particularly find the Facebook influencers with this method you have to search for site:Facebook.com [your keyword].

For example, if you’re looking for a skincare influencer, try site:Facebook.com skincare. This way you can find a potential Facebook influencer in your niche.

2. Using social listening tools

Social listening tools help you uncover all that’s being said about your brand online. A social listening tool also helps you track the people that are talking about your brand.

With an influencer being born every day, there are high chances of an influencer talking about you. Check for their credibility and go ahead if you find them to be genuine and capable of influencing your brand.

Here are some social listening tools to help you find the best influencers: HubSpot, Brandwatch, Sprout Social, etc.

3. Search by hashtags on Facebook

While hashtags are less popular on Facebook, they still work. Use an online tool that helps in identifying the relevant keywords and hashtags to your brand and try looking for them in the Facebook search bar. You will stumble across various posts that use it and can reach out to them if they tick all the boxes.

4. Try searching other social media

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are more user-friendly, unlike Facebook. You can throw relevant keywords at it and it'll show you the top accounts that use them.

If their profile qualifies as an ideal match then you’ve found your soul mate influencer. And, there’s a huge possibility that Instagram influencers are also on Facebook so shoot your shot and reach out to them.

The same method works best if applied to Twitter as well.

5. Look into the Facebook influencer database

Accessing creator data from the Facebook influencer database is another way to get matched with qualified creators. An influencer database is an online tool that helps you find the influencers that fit well with your brand. Just play around with the filters and the right ones will appear on the screen.

But, there’s a downside to using them.  With Meta banning third-party data scraping from Facebook, the influencer database’s data is illegal to use. Another disadvantage is this the data is inauthentic and old.

6. Ask your followers

Now, this method is more manageable than filtering influencers on the Facebook influencer database. If you have a decent social media following, there is a high chance that your audience can help you match with influencers that fit your brand aesthetic.

Just a quick post or story asking your audience to tag the influencer who seems fit to endorse your brand and voilà! You have a list of potential influencers who might be a perfect fit for your brand.


Facebook is the next big thing in the influencer marketing world. If you’re not using it to your advantage then you’ll lose out on a lot of things including money.

Wondering if there’s a quick way to get started with Facebook influencer marketing? Yes, there is! Schedule a call with us to know more about how InsightIQ can help you access the Facebook influencer database and more.

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