Love marketing your Shopify store with influencers, but unsure of ROI?

Connect with insightIQ to track the ROI from each campaign & influencer

Track shopify influencer ROI dashboard

Craft the perfect retargeting campaign

Identify people who interact with your partnered posts to run highly targeted performance campaigns to complement your Influencer Marketing initiatives.

Track influencer marketing campaigns dashboard
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Accurate attribution

Map a users journey and conversions with our enhanced tracking system

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Media mix optimization

Optimize your media mix with high performing creators and platforms

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ROI maximization

Use data-driven insights to maximize ROI and reduce unnecessary spends

Maximize the true impact of an influencer

Get advanced insights on how an influencer has affected your complete marketing funnel, not only in terms of brand awareness but actual sales conversions!

Track shopify influencer ROI dashboard

Achieve unbeatable ROI

Track high performing influencers and platforms to drive a significantly higher ROI from your campaigns.

Track shopify influencer ROI dashboard

Get complete clarity with one-click integration

Easily integrate your Shopify store with InsightIQ through our app and get best in class insights for your campaigns.

Shopify UTM App Dashboard

Track every collab, every sale, every penny. Grow your Shopify revenue starting now!

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Step 1: Install insightIQ UTM Analytics app

Install the app from the Shopify app store.

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Step 2: Connect your Shopify store

We'll use Shopify data to capture metrics like sales, add to carts, checkouts etc.

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Step 2: Create tracking links or promo codes for your creators

Choose an option you want to use as part of this campaign.

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Create UTM links
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Create Promo code

And that’s all! Sit back and relax, we’ll do the rest !

Analyze every sale’s origin and every creator’s contribution to your Shopify store.

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