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How to detect fake followers

Our fake follower checker tool helps you identify whether the Instagram account is followed by real people or bots by examining several key factors. Here’s what we look out for:

Lack of followers’ profile information

When verifying Instagram followers for authenticity, start by examining their profiles. A quick visit to a follower's profile can reveal valuable information. Fake accounts often lack complete details. You may notice that these fake profiles may lack a bio, have nonsensical usernames, and contain few or no posts.

Generic and repetitive comments

Fake followers are used to often leave artificial comments on a creator's posts, boosting the influencer's engagement rate. These comments are usually easy to spot due to their irrelevant, generic and repetitive nature. Look out for comments like "Great post!," "Awesome," or "Nice picture." Genuine engagement involves more meaningful and unique interactions.

Unusually low engagement rates

An influencer's engagement rate can be a clue to spot fake followers. If a profile has a significant number of fake followers who aren't genuinely engaging with the content, the engagement rates may be lower than expected. Specific benchmarks vary by niche and creator, with higher rates indicating better engagement. To assess authenticity, compare a creator's engagement with that of similar creators with similar audiences.

Irregular follower growth rate

Whenever an influencer purchases fake followers, it results in a noticeable spike in follower growth followed by periods of inactivity. Genuine influencers tend to have a more consistent, gradual follower growth rate over time, which may accelerate as they gain popularity. While influencers can experience rapid growth due to virality, genuine long-term growth is steadier, not characterized by abrupt spikes and drops.

Let’s get things cleared up

What Are Fake Followers?

Fake followers, often referred to as bot accounts or spam profiles, are social media profiles created solely to inflate a user's follower count, offering little to no genuine value. They bring fake likes and generic comments but lack authentic engagement. Typically, fake followers don't have profile pictures, bios, or posts, and they follow over 1,500 accounts. These accounts are often automated by bots. To detect them effectively, you need an AI-powered tool like insightIQ for auditing Instagram accounts and identifying fake followers.

Should I work with influencers who have fake followers?

While it's common for influencers to have a few fake followers, what truly matters is the number of genuine followers in your desired audience. Don't let a relatively high fake follower count deter you right away. In such cases, if the majority of the influencer's audience aligns with your marketing goals, make them a partner for your campaigns. So, don't just focus on the fake followers; pay attention to the real ones who matter most to your brand's success.

Is it legal to buy fake followers for my account?

Purchasing fake followers is against the law and not recommended. Social media platforms can take action, including banning your account, if they discover you've artificially boosted your follower count with fake accounts. It's best to focus on authentic growth strategies to build a genuine and engaged audience.

Is Instagram removing fake followers?

Absolutely, Instagram is actively cracking down on fake followers and deceptive activity. They're taking steps to eliminate accounts that break their rules, particularly those using automated tools to boost artificial likes and comments. However, it's worth noting that some inactive fake followers may linger on Instagram for extended periods, even years, before being addressed. This emphasizes the importance of focusing on influencers with genuine and engaged followers.

What is the impact of collaborating with an Influencer who has fake followers?

It often leads to a lower engagement rate, as these fake followers don't genuinely interact, undermining your marketing efforts and missing your intended audience. Moreover, it tarnishes your brand's credibility, as partnering with such influencers can be seen as dishonest and untrustworthy, ultimately damaging your reputation among your target audience. Additionally, it results in a lower return on investment (ROI), since you're investing resources and payments in exchange for exposure to an audience that essentially doesn't exist, translating into disappointing ROI outcomes.

How does a Fake Follower Checker Help?

A Fake Follower Checker is a valuable tool that aids brands in making informed decisions when selecting influencers for collaboration. By conducting fake follower audits, it enables brands to stay away from fake Instagram accounts, ensuring that they prioritize authentic engagement and safeguard their brand's reputation. It also plays a pivotal role in maximizing return on investment (ROI) by identifying influencers with real and engaged followings, resulting in more successful influencer marketing campaigns. Additionally, it helps brands stay compliant with social media policies, mitigating the risk of policy violations that could lead to account suspension.

How do you spot fake followers on Instagram?

You can spot fake followers on Instagram using our free Instagram Fake Follower & Audience Credibility Checker Tool. This tool helps you determine how genuine an account's followers are. Genuine influencers usually score 80 or higher, while lower scores indicate potential issues. If your own account receives a low score, it's important to find and remove fake followers to maintain a real and engaged audience.

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