Track Performance. Unlock Insights. Maximize ROI.

Measure ROAS & identify purchase intent in real time for 3X improved ROI on influencer marketing campaigns.

Track influencer marketing campaigns

Supercharged with AI

Metrics lost in translation? Trend-spotting a nightmare? We serve it straight up - no jargon, just clear insights.

Track influencer marketing campaigns dashboard

Turn influencers’ audience into your soundboard

Tune into the conversations your influencers spark. Unearth the highlights to zero in on success signals like unmistakable purchase intent.

Uncover clear purchase intent

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Identify the percentage of content interactions that express purchase intent.

Pinpoint relevant comments

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Gauge interaction quality by uncovering the percentage of comments relevant to your brand.

Analyze audience’s sentiments

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Grasp the tone of discussions in the comments under sponsored content. Assess what audiences are saying beyond 'good' and 'bad'.

Track influencer marketing campaigns dashboard

Instant reporting that does the math for you

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheet updates.
Let the monetary metrics tell the story of your campaign's inherent value.

Measure ROI at source

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Get real-time ROAS for each influencer through unique link tracking and promo codes, directly from Shopify store.
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Identify top performers

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Decipher datapoints like Cost per Engagement, CPV, Total Media Value & more. Pinpoint the influencers that deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

Quantify monetary impact

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Measure ROI from across all major social platforms. Then, double click into the content and creators making it happen!

Track influencer marketing campaigns dashboard

Access the metrics without the mess

Don't let data compilation slow you down. Embrace automated campaign reports for instant insights across all social media activity.

Dig deeper into IG Stories

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Seamlessly connect influencer accounts to track IG Story views, likes, and link clicks all the way to Conversions.

See the big picture

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Dive into details of each post, or explore the impact of aggregated campaigns. Our comprehensive platform metrics cover it all!

Enhance strategy with transparency

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Uncover previously unknown metrics from influencer's profiles such as Post Impressions, the Total Engagement on posts and Cost per Engagement.

Track influencer marketing campaigns dashboard

Craft the perfect retargeting campaign

Identify people who interact with your partnered posts to run highly targeted performance campaigns to complement your Influencer Marketing initiatives.

Track influencer marketing campaigns dashboard

Track, analyze, and optimize IM campaigns for highest ROAS.

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