Influencer Marketing Data - Authenticated Data and Public Data

Gone are the days of guesswork in the rapidly changing domain of influencer marketing. As the number of influencers, audiences, and online consumers grows exponentially yearly, so does the need for reliable and insightful influencer marketing data. 

Imagine if you could have a better, more effective influencer marketing campaign every time. How would that change your results? How much better would it make each campaign? What would it mean for your company if you knew the right influencers to focus on and the best way to approach them?

Why is influencer marketing data important?

Influencer marketing data is important because it adds depth to your brand's overall marketing strategy. It helps you understand what your target audience wants and how they want to consume your brand's content.

It also helps you understand how your influencers are performing and what type of content they're creating for you—which can help inform other aspects of your marketing strategy, such as where to place ads or which types of content will be most effective.

How can your brand find reliable influencer data?

It's no secret that influencer marketing is a powerful tool for brands and content creators alike. But the data marketers use to identify and reach out to influencers can sometimes be unreliable.

Brands need to trust their influencer marketing data to make informed decisions about where they spend their money and time.

There are two primary ways marketers collect this data -

1. Authenticated data

Authenticated data is usually collected directly from the source platforms. This data is usually accessible by leveraging the APIs that most social media platforms today provide. For instance, Instagram’s Graph and Basic API, YouTube API, etc.

2. Public data

Public data is usually collected by scraping the web for any and every publicly available information. It involves collecting data from websites, cleaning it up, and organizing it into a structured form that can be easily analyzed.

For actionable influencer marketing data, you need to leverage both authenticated data and public data

Limitations of authenticated data 

Limited scope

Authenticated data is limited to the scope of a single network, and it only includes information that the platform has chosen to share with the marketer.

Limited scale

Authenticated data also has a finite scale because it only reveals information about a brand's existing audience. To get better insights into your influencer marketing performance, you will also need to analyze user feedback, purchase history, etc. This helps you identify and understand competitors, industry, or even potential markets.

Furthermore, most influencer marketing campaigns aren’t just limited to one platform. To be able to access authenticated data from each platform, you will need to build custom integrations for each of these platforms. Building and managing so many APIs take considerable resources and may not be viable for all businesses. 


Building APIs takes time which may delay campaigns or product launches. 

Limitations of public data 

Approximate mass data

The most obvious limitation of public data is that it is not authenticated, meaning there's no way to verify that the data is accurate or even real. This can lead to issues with the trustworthiness of your data and your ability to use it for anything for advanced insights into your audience's demographics, for instance.

Data decay

Social media is a dynamic landscape. Every second could generate millions worth of data for larger brands. 

Refresh rates for most public data collected by third-party data agencies (TPAs) are not very frequent. This causes a problem when accessing up-to-date data for your influencer marketing platforms.

Ephemeral data collection is not possible

Ephemeral data like Instagram stories are one of the leading formats of content creation, but their engagement metrics (number of likes, shares, views, impressions, reach, etc.) are not publicly available and hence are not provided by third-party data scrapers. 

For the best results, you need the best of both worlds. You don’t choose one; instead, combine both.

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