Introducing insightIQ GPT

Harness the power of ChatGPT's intelligence and insightIQ’s comprehensive data for free to streamline your brand or agency's search for the perfect influencer marketing match!

Since its inception, insightIQ has aimed to simplify and enhance the profitability of influencer marketing, with the power of AI. Continuing this mission, we're excited to introduce insightIQ GPT—a free tool that collaborates with ChatGPT, offering access to the top influencers from our extensive database of over 350 Million, based on your specific needs.

Ever wondered what makes an influencer truly stand out to their audience? Surprisingly, it's all about being real. Choosing the perfect influencers for brand campaigns can be a challenge. But here's the secret: the best campaigns happen when the influencer and the brand click seamlessly.

Despite the widespread desire, the reality is that most brands and agencies lack expansive influencer teams, the luxury of time for in-depth research, and the financial prowess necessary to discover such creators. That is, until now—insightIQ GPT is finally opening doors for brands and agencies to access these advanced strategies along with the most comprehensive influencer database, all through an easy and familiar GPT interface.

How to use the insightIQ GPT 

With insightIQ GPT, you can outline your influencer needs, ranging from their follower count, audience demographics, to the content themes they engage with. Unsure about these specifics? No problem. Simply provide details about your brand—what you offer, your target audience, and your campaign goals. insightIQ’s deep expertise, combined with ChatGPT's intelligence, will grasp your requirements and recommend the most suitable influencers. 

The best part? You have the flexibility to refine your requirements during the conversation, allowing for a more tailored list of influencers. This might involve sharing additional details, adjusting assumptions made by ChatGPT, or completely changing the previous description.

Looking to learn more about how you can write prompts that help you make the most out of insightIQ GPT? Please check out this comprehensive prompt guide.

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