Modash vs Upfluence vs InsightIQ: Comparing Three Popular Influencer Marketing Tools  

The influencer marketing platform is booming. Brands have started to recognize the power of influencers to connect with their target audience across different social media platforms and drive results. That said, the creator economy is projected to reach $199.6 million by 2032. However, handling influencers from different platforms with a solid influencer marketing strategy is not a cakewalk. Fortunately there are various influencer marketing tools to help brands streamline their efforts. 

Influencer marketing tools are useful for: 

  • Discovering verified influencers across different influencer marketing platforms 
  • Fetch influencer performance across different influencer marketing campaigns 
  • Build, execute and manage influencer campaigns 

But with so many influencer marketing tools available in the market, it often feels overwhelming while making a choice. In this regard, we have tried to compare three popular influencer marketing tools to save your time. We are going to compare Modash, Upfluence, and InsightIQ under a lens. Let’s learn about the unique features, strengths and weaknesses of each influencer marketing tool and make a comparison to help you make an informed decision. 


Modash is a popular influencer management tool that boasts 250M+ profiles all over the world to help you find the right influencer for social media marketing. The client list features popular brands including Google, Mont Blanc, Farfetch, Bolt, Victoria’s secret, etc. Let’s take a look at its key features, pros and cons in brief. 

Key Features 

Let’s take a look at the features offered in Modash. 

Influencer Discovery

Modash offers you the best tool to find ideal influencers right fit for your brand or product promotion. The tool comes with a set of influencer filters and audience filters to search and filter creators with ease. 

You can filter influencers by their: 

  • Location
  • Audience demographics 
  • Follower range
  • Engagement rate
  • Language 
  • Bio keywords 
  • Hashtags 
  • And more

Every shortlisted creator can be analyzed inside Modash to help you know whether they are a good fit before you reach out.  

Influencer Analytics

Modash can help you fetch accurate demographics and performance KPIs of any influencer with smart filters. Filter them with all the quantitative data as per your need such as, engagement rate, popular content, brand affinity, countries, activity, and more. You can also check the creator's past sponsored content in seconds to see how they performed and how they compare to other creators at the same price. 

Influencer Campaign Tracking 

It’s a challenging affair to keep a tap on influencers’ performance engaged on different platforms for reporting and repurposing. However, Modash makes it easy by offering you a unified dashboard to show influencer campaign performance reports of all your engaged creators at one place. The best part is that you can track influencers without asking them to authenticate. That saves a lot of time. You can also connect your Shopify store to see the revenue data through these campaigns and add discount codes to track the number of conversions with ease. 

Find Influencer Emails 

You can leverage the huge database of Modash with over 250M creators with contact emails and reach out to them with a few clicks. The platform can fetch you emails of shortlisted creators in bulk and send you to your outreach email. You can choose to reach out to them through Modash internal email platform and get their replies to your Modash inbox for your convenience. 

Influencer Management 

It’s a hassle for the marketing team to manage influencers through multiple spreadsheets. However, Modash can help you track influencer discovery, analysis, outreach and other workflows from a single screen. You can also label creators by tags such as 'Outreached', 'Hired', or 'Rejected' to easily streamline your recruitment pipeline. 

Influencer Payments 

Modash Transactions, the in-built influencer payment management tool, enables you to ensure your influencers get paid on time. It saves your finance team from getting overwhelmed by paying 100s of invoices a month. After adding payment details, Modash generates a unique link for tracking payment status for transparency. You can also choose to pay all payments of multiple creators through one invoice and Modash will handle all individual payouts in line with tax compliance and bank management. 


Detailed influencer search capability 

Modash has a vast database of over 250M+ influencers to help you shortlist candidates based on a variety of criteria. You get more options to target creators with the audience that best resonate with your brand message and marketing goals. 

Here is an additional guide to learn the importance of influencer data for marketing. 

Advanced audience analytics

Beyond vanilla metrics like follower count, Modash enables you to filter influencers with two unique sets of filters. One set of filters is dedicated to influencers and another set is for filtering their audience. This allows you to analyze if an influencer and its audience align with your target market.  

User-friendly interface 

Modash is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Users find it useful to easily navigate each platform to identify, shortlist, and manage influencer campaigns effectively. 


Limited influencer database compared to competitors 

While Modash features a sizable influencer database, InsightIQ and Upfluence even offer access to an even larger pool of creators. 

Pricing may be higher for some users

Modash offers a free trial but the pricing model can be higher for some users. For instance, the Essential package (starting package) starts from $120/mo to vet only 250 profiles per month. This could be a drawback for smaller businesses or those with limited budgets. 


Upfluence is a great company and is highly sought-after amongst influencer marketing experts such as Universal, Verizon, Marriott, Kodak, and Keen. It is also one of the verified partners of Amazon Ads and Amazon SPN. With headquarters in the USA, France, and Mexico, Upfluence has been successfully running under the leadership of three co-founders Kevin, Vivien, and Alexis since 2013. 

Key Features

Here are some top features of the platform. 

Influencer Search 

Upfluence allows you to vet creators by various metrics such as engagement rates, audience size, demographics and more. One of the unique features is that it can show you influencers who already love your brand, which is missing in the Modash. When you connect with such influencers, they are most likely to collaborate. You can centralize all creator communications from the single platform using drip emails to maximize outreach success. 

Influencer Analysis 

Influencer statistics tool of the Upfluence allows you to identify fake followers and acknowledge their performance in advance through an in-built engagement rate calculator. Using the analysis tool, you can measure, optimize, and iterate your influencer marketing campaign for maximizing your ROI. The native CMS integration offers you easy tracking of their affiliate programs, media and sales performance per influencer and per campaign.   

Influence Gifting 

This feature allows you to automate product seeding to influencers without involving mundane challenges. For instance, you can allow onboarded influencers to choose products from your real-time updated website stock and manage product shipping all through Upfluence. You can control maximum picks and total value of selections through advanced filters. 

Influencer Payment 

Upfluence seamlessly integrated with PayPal to pay any creator directly from the platform. You can keep a tap on all payments from a single dashboard in real-time through overview of your spendings and ROI. The best part is the feature allows you to calculate commissions based on affiliate sales by directly fetching data from your sales conversions. Additionally, you can set whether to release payments by percentage or as per a flat fee commission. 

Campaign Analytics 

Upfluence offers a highly interactive content dashboard that displays performance analytics across various mediums such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Pinterest. The API automatically gathers insights from shorts, reels, posts, and videos to generate most accurate automatic performance reports for you and your clients. 

Social Listening 

Just like Modash, Upfluence also enables you to look for organic creators in your industry. You can easily find creators who are already in love with your brand and are talking about you on their posts. Upfluence allows you to analyze their performance history before influencer collaborations. 

Affiliate Management Software 

Upfluence offers a great number of tools to manage your affiliate programs under one roof. For instance, by easily integrating your e-commerce stack to the platform, you can find the most influencing customers whom you can turn into top-performing affiliates. Upfluence also empowers you to create branded landing pages for influencers to sign up and sign up for the affiliate program. Track their affiliate performance and calculate commissions using the Stream tool, an additional tool for measuring campaign ROI. 

Here is an additional guide on how to measure influencer marketing ROI for your campaigns. 


Extensive influencer database: 

Upfluence has a vast influencer database to offer you access to a massive pool of potential collaborators. 

Robust campaign management tools

As you get a complete suite of campaign management tools, you find it easy to streamline the entire campaign workflow from a single dashboard. 

Comprehensive analytics and reporting

The intuitive dashboard fetches you valuable insights into your influencer marketing efforts with robust analytics and reporting features. 


Challenging for novices 

Upfluence’s feature-rich platform can be overwhelming for new users who are just getting started with influencer marketing. 

Higher pricing tiers for advanced features

Upfluence does not display any pricing features on its website. It offers a free chrome extension and some valuable tools for free. However, as per our market research, unlocking advanced features cost more than normal for small to medium businesses. 


InsightIQ boasts about featuring the world's most powerful influencer discovery API with a huge influencer database of over 450 Mn+ creators across different platforms. It claims that its powerful search API can help you find the best influencers in less than five minutes with just a few lines of code. Apart from paid tools, InsightIQ also provides a lot of free tools such as engagement calculators and follower check APIs for YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram. 

Key Features 

Creator Search 

InsightIQ gives you access to a creators database of over 300M+ accounts to fetch up to 15K new influencers on a daily basis. With its influencer discovery tool, you can sort influencers with various filters such as location, age, language, and more to narrow down the list for maximum ROI. InsightIQ displays purchase intent of each influencer to gauge how your sponsored content would be perceived by their audience. It analyzes their previous sponsored content to see how much sales were generated and how it impacted the sponsored brands’ image. Also, there are a vanity of metrics to ensure authentic collaborations. For instance, you can identify influencers with fake followers or analyze their affinity towards your niche market with detailed researched data by InsightIQ. 

Campaign Tracking 

This tool empowers you to measure ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) and gauge the buying intention of your visitors in real-time. For instance, you can analyze your influencers’ audience to identify the percentage of clear purchase intent. The dashboard also shows the percentage of comments relevant to your brand to help you gauge the interaction quality. The advanced AI-powered sentiment tools can understand how the audience is perceiving your product/service, beyond ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ All of these detailed analysis can be presented by automatic report generation feature that transparently presents your campaign’s inherent value. The tool can fetch performance data through unique link tracking and promo codes to measure ROI at source. This helps you easily identify top performers based on cost per engagement, CPV, total media value and more. 

Shopify Measurement ROI 

If you’re marketing your Shopify store with influencers, InsightIQ can help you track the ROI in the best possible manner. For instance, the dashboard will show you figures like total sales, total creator cost, and total ROI to identify top performers with ease. There is an enhanced tracking system to see performance of influencers platform wise in real-time. This helps you optimize your influencer marketing strategies with a mix optimization of best performers and best channels. When you see how an influencer has affected your marketing funnel, you feel empowered to make quick decisions to achieve high ROI. 


AI-powered influencer recommendations 

InsightIQ leverages advanced AI tools to recommend ideal influencers from their 450Mn+ influencer database. This saves you time and effort in the influencer selection process. 

Real-time performance tracking 

InsightIQ features advanced social data APIs to offer real-time performance tracking. You can monitor engagement metrics across React Native, Android, iOS, Flutter with just a few lines of code. 

Integration with other marketing tools:

You can streamline your workflow by connecting InsightIQ with your existing marketing tools. It empowers you to centralize data and simplify managing influencer campaigns across different platforms. 


Less customizable campaign management options 

Campaign management tools offered by InsightIQ are less customizable compared to Modash and Upfluence. 

Comparing Modash vs Upfluence vs InsightIQ

Each influencer marketing platform is unique in terms of their respective unique selling points. In this regard, here is a breakdown of how Modash, Upfluence, and InsightIQ compare across different key metrics. 

Modash Upfluence InsightIQ
Influencer Database 250M 4M 450M
Platforms covered Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
Search and Discovery Search influencers by:
Follower count
Search influencers by:
Follower count
Discover influencers by:
Follower count
Brand affinity
Discover influencers by:
Audience data
Audience purchase intent
Separate influencer and audience filters to narrow down analytics
Native CMS integration to track influencers, affiliates and sales performance
Measure ROAS & identify purchase intent in real time
Campaign Management Offers basic campaign management tools for outreach and communication Provides advanced tools, including workflow automation, influencer payments, and content approval functionalities Offers advanced campaign management tools but with limited options for customization
Pricing and Plans Starting from $120 per month Starting from $478 per month On request
Free Tools No free tools 15+ free tools 6 free tools
Free Trial Available Not available Available

The comparison clearly shows if you need a budget-friendly tool Modash will be your ideal bet. If you need influencer management across more platforms, Upfluence is better than the rest two but it’s costly. Lastly, InsightIQ will come as an ideal option if you need advanced features like measuring ROAS & identifying purchase intent of influencers’ audience in real time at a higher price.  

With an ideal influencer marketing tool, you can save thousands of dollars per month on influencer marketing agencies to manage influencer relationships and meet your marketing goals. 

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