Product Updates August and September 2023: LinkedIn Creator Search, New AI Filters for Influencer Discovery and More

August & September were full of successful experiments and ideas for us here at insightIQ. With a dash of innovation, we present to you a host of new updates across a wide range of product offerings, from our game-changing Campaign Tracking to our industry-leading Creator Search.

Our team has been hard at work to brew the perfect influencer marketing mojo for your brand. We're thrilled to unveil a delightful blend of fresh updates spanning our product portfolio. P.S. Get a sneak peek of our upcoming offering for influencer marketers, ROI Measurement. So let's dive in and check out these incredible updates:

New AI Filters to help find the ideal influencer partners from any niche

In the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing, selecting the right influencer is a meticulous process that extends beyond superficial follower counts. Enter insightIQ, your ultimate solution for influencer discovery and assessment.

  • Precision is key, and our numerous filters offer unparalleled customization which you won’t find anywhere else. Refine your search based on audience and creator lookalikes which will help you find influencers and audience demographics similar to a specific influencer and audience demographic of your choice. Leverage engagement rate filters to uncover valuable creator metrics such as followers count, number of comments & likes, etc. Stay ahead of the curve using our competitor intel filters to assess trending keywords, hashtags and tags used by your competitors and accurately uncover and leverage both emerging and existing industry trends.
  • Our robust 50+ filters cover the entire gamut of all the options you'll need to narrow down on your perfect influencer choice and enable you to stay at the forefront of industry trends, harnessing the potential of authenticity and virality. 
  • With access to an expansive database comprising over 400+ million influencers across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, we empower you to uncover not only established celebrity influencers but also rapidly emerging micro and nano influencers poised for impactful campaigns.

Bid farewell to month-long endeavors and embrace swift brand-fitment assessment. Your brand deserves the spotlight, and insightIQ ensures it shines brilliantly. Check out the Creator Search today!

Brand new AI filters for the Creator Search

Introducing LinkedIn Creator Search

LinkedIn is trying to embrace and celebrate the creator economy, now that 96% of B2B marketers use it as their primary channel for finding and working with business influencers. But they've got your search limits locked tight. Thank god, insightIQ is about to set you free!

We have wrapped up a bunch of exciting APIs for LinkedIn Creator Search, whose functionalities will be available interactively on the dashboard soon enough. In the meantime, if you would like access to the APIs, you can reach out to us at [email protected]

  • With the LinkedIn Creator Search, an exclusive feature offered only by us in the entire industry, you will be able to access a network of over 5+ Million LinkedIn creators categorized by our 50+ search filters, ensuring you find the perfect influencers to drive your B2B campaigns.
  • insightIQ's LinkedIn Creator Search capabilities are packed with valuable qualitative and quantitative content metrics, including engagement rates and total engagement alongside other profile metrics.
  • We have curated creators from top categories that consistently trend on LinkedIn today, including AI, Machine Learning, Cloud, Marketing, and Creator Economy, among many others. 
  • Pinpoint influencers who have the ability to drive meaningful engagement and conversions, allowing you to make informed decisions that lead to successful influencer marketing campaigns for your business. 

LinkedIn creator metrics

Onboard and track influencers in seconds

Usually, you find yourself juggling the task of keeping tabs on every influencer and sponsored post manually. It's a real time consumer, and honestly, there's no reason why something as automated as this should be such a hassle. With insightIQ’s integrated dashboard, you can invite influencers and connect their accounts for performance monitoring, all in but three simple steps.

  • Skip the many long email threads and screenshot exchanges; you can bid this process adieu forever in a mere 5 minutes. Free yourself of the word-of-mouth stats on reputation, performance, and engagement, as well as the quality of audiences. 
  • Run your tests and experiments with clear metrics around influencer partnerships, such as purchase intent generated, visits/sales on a product page via an influencer campaign, and total lifetime ROI on partnerships. For example, you can receive additional information on IG stories like views and link clicks, a feature that no other platform in the industry can provide.
  • Export all the performance data can be exported in .csv/.pdf format for your team to breeze through hassle-free reviews and campaign analyses.

Revolutionary Campaign Analytics for Influencer Marketing

Our Campaign Tracking is an absolute game-changer in influencer marketing. 

  • A comprehensive set of tools & insights allows you to analyze any past campaign performance, organic or sponsored. This means you can understand what worked and what didn't for an influencer, their audience, or your competitor brands! Pinpoint and break down meaningful comments from an influencer’s post that are relevant to your brand to determine real Purchase Intent. You can also use the Content Demographics report to create retargeting campaigns and partner with influencers who have generated real ROI from their past campaigns. This data-driven approach ensures that every campaign you embark on is optimized for success.
  • Multichannel monitoring has never been easier. You can effortlessly manage multiple influencers across various platforms from a central dashboard. This is a big time saver, but the real highlight is the efficiency. Your team can effortlessly make data-driven decisions, using comprehensive metrics and insights allowing you to always stay one step ahead. 
  • Additionally, Campaign Tracking provides an accurate measurement of your Brand Lift from a partnership. This is done by evaluating the immediate impact of your campaigns in terms of post-campaign mentions, hashtags, and comments, compared to pre-campaign averages.
Detailed Campaign Analysis

Coming Soon—-->

Track all sales from influencer campaigns:

Connect your Shopify store to insightIQ by downloading the app, and then you can monitor total sales, cost, total clicks, total orders placed that an influencer has generated for your brand in just a few clicks. Measure ROI effectively through automatically generated UTM links for these creator accounts, keep tabs on the total sales generated by each influencer versus the brand spent on them on the dashboard, and crack ROI metrics at a creator account level, or on a platform level. To know more, click here

Redefined ROI Measurement

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