Twitter demographics stats in 2023: Key audience and creators data

Influencer marketing is a new approach for brands to reach a vast audience. But, the difficulty is searching for the right influencer on Twitter among thousands of users. However, InisghtIQ can help you get the most important Twitter Demographics stats that can make your job easy!

Twitter was launched in 2006 when the platform allowed posts with 140 characters. These tweets held persuasive power in changing the way people think. Its popularity increased a year later when the platform had 60,000 tweets per day during the South by Southwest conference.

The platform now allows users to draft posts of 280 characters. 

According to reports, Twitter has more than 400 million monthly active users today, and its gross revenue in 2021 was around $5.08 billion. (Source)

Twitter was one of the first platforms that saw the rise of "influencers." Some tweets went 'viral' or became 'trending.' It was liked by other users, who reshared them on other platforms, and the overall engagement on the tweet increased. It brought instant attention to the creator as well. 

This gave marketers a chance to expand their outreach opportunities. Brands started approaching influencers to help them endorse their products and increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

Twitter says over 61% of the platform users follow a creator. (Source) It is more influential than any other social media platform. 

Researchers found 93% of Twitter creators are looking to partner with brands who are ready to hear their ideas and voice, allow them to create authentic content, and genuinely maintain audience connections with their tweets. (Source) Healthy collaboration is the key to a successful influencer campaign.

But only some creators are the right fit for some brands or industries. Refrain from getting swayed by the numbers that a Twitter influencer might have. Marketers must analyze Twitter demographics stats before signing an influencer for the brand.

If you are not partnering with an influencer with an audience that mimics your target audience, all the money can be wasted.

How has Twitter changed the way of marketing?

Twitter has changed the way of brand marketing on the platform in numerous ways.

It has allowed businesses to create an approachable and humane persona while pioneering real-time marketing. Content creators can now showcase their creativity in different ways, putting their voice and helping brands create new types of more personalized content and reach out to mass audiences.

Furthermore, Twitter has removed the limitations on live video timings, which means brands can stream live videos as long as they want. Even a creator can use and review a product on Twitter live, which helps build trust and engagement.

What's more on Twitter? This platform allows inanimate objects with IoT (Internet of Things) to tweet from their perspective.

Taking all these qualities together, Twitter is now ranking among the top few social media platforms that are changing the way of traditional marketing approach.

Why are Twitter Demographics Stats of Creators and Users important?

Suppose you run a sports company and sell sport-related accessories for 15 to 30 years adults. You partnered with a creator who tweets on political issues in the country. Can you reach the desired audience through them? No. It will only waste your time, money, and effort. This urges brands and marketers to understand the Twitter demographics stats of creators and target audiences.

Brands need to determine if the Twitter creator's followers are mutually inclusive of their target audience demographics. If they are not, you are spending time with the wrong influencer.

Here are a few important reasons for knowing Twitter demographics stats of creators and users:

  • It helps to improve customer targeting and concentrate on those creators and followers aligned with your brand.
  • Twitter demographics stats help you tailor personalized campaigns that deliver brand messages specifically to your target audience.
  • It ensures a better engagement rate, leads, and conversions as the audience finds interest in your brand.
  • You will save time and money in targeting the right people.
Twitter creator demographics

How To Understand The Twitter Demographics of Your Target Audience?

Before implementing a strategy, you must decide whom you are targeting. To understand demographic data, try answering these sample questions:

  • Age: Is your brand producing products and services for teenagers or Gen Z, or are you creating products for the baby boomer generation?
  • Location: The next question is, are you a global market selling products internationally, or do you want to start a local brand with people in and around your area?
  • Gender: Who can use your products? Is it male, female, or anyone?
  • Income range: How much will the cost of products be? Are you selling regular items at affordable prices or luxury items at premium prices? Who will buy your products?
  • Occupation: Are you selling gaming equipment to gamers, photography items to photographers, or others? Which profession are you targeting?

You must collect these main Twitter demographics stats before launching an influencer marketing strategy. However, there can be certain additional factors, like interests, hobbies, lifestyle, etc., that you can consider. InisghtIQ can help you collect the Twitter influencer's authenticated and public data, allowing you to make an informed decision.

How To Know The Twitter Demographics Of A Creator?

An influencer is a peer to who others having similar interest looks up to. Thus, understanding the Twitter demographics stats of the creator can help you fathom the same about their audience.

Marketers can use Twitter Analytics to track and view the primary metrics like the number of followers, impressions, engagement rate, and retweets. However, to understand their demographics, you can ask the creator to share a screenshot.

30 Twitter Demographics Stats That Every Brand Must Know:

  1. 10% of adult U.S. Twitter users make 10% of tweets (Pew Research)In the US, more than 41.5 million daily active users are monetizable by Twitter. (Social Pilot) 
  2. 48% of the audience is interested in news and another 48% in entertainment, and only 33% are following brands or companies (The Social Shepherd)
  3. In 2020, 52% of all tweets posted in the year came from Gen-Z users. (The Social Shepherd)
  4. The United States has the most Twitter users, with 77.75 million active users, more than Japan (58.2 million), India (24.45 million), Brazil (19.05 million), and the UK ( 19.05 million). (The Social Shepherd) 
  5. Most Twitter users belong to the 25-34 years age group globally (38.5% of all users), more than 35-49 years (20.7%), 50+ years (17.1%), 18-24 years (17.1%) and 13-17 years (6.6%). (The Social Shepherd) 
  6. 71.2% of Twitter users are males, and only 28.8% are females globally. (Oberlo)
  7. 25% of all American men use Twitter, and 22% of American women are on the app. (hootsuite)
  8. 35% of American women and 43% of American men have a favorable opinion of Twitter. (hootsuite)
  9. 57% of news consumers on Twitter get a better understanding of current events, 39% know about the lives of celebrities and public figures, and 37% feel engaged with political issues. (hootsuite) 
  10. In 2014-15, 33% of US teens were using Twitter, which reduced to 23% in 2021. (hootsuite)
  11. Twitter has one of the smallest age gaps in users to other popular social media platforms. (hootsuite)
  12. 33% of the users are college-educated. (hootsuite)
  13. Only 12% of Americans making under $30K a year use Twitter. 29% of Americans on Twitter make $30,000-$49,999 annually, and 34% make $75k or more annually. (hootsuite)
  14. The average time spent on the platform is 3.39 minutes per session. (vista social)
  15. Twitter's reach in India is insignificant, with a potential advertising reach of 1.7% of the total population. (Oberlo)
  16. Twitter's reach in the US is 24.6%, which is one out of four people, and 48.9% in Japan, which is nearly half the population. (Oberlo)
  17. Most Twitter users are found in North America, almost 92.1 million, followed by East Asia, with 81.6 million, and Southeast Asia, with 57.6 million. (Oberlo)
  18. Singapore has the highest eligible reach rate for Twitter ads which is 53.9%, followed by Japan at 52.3% and Saudi Arabia at 50.4% (Hootsuite)
  19. Twitter ads have the highest potential to reach 27.3% of Americans over the age of 13. (Hootsuite)
  20. 27% of Twitter users live in urban areas, and 18% in rural areas. (Omni core agency) 
  21. Twitter says 80% of its users are affluent millennials.  (Tech Jury)
  22. Some of the top niches popular on Twitter today are Self-love, Beauty, Politics, and Animals. (Better Tech Tips)
  23. 96% of US users check Twitter monthly, 84% use the platform weekly, and 52% use it daily. (The Social Shepherd)
  24. 77% of the platform users feel positive about brands that deliver content based on community and societal issues. (Hootsuite)
  25. The Twitter timeline gets more than 31% higher emotional connection and 28% higher memorability levels than other platforms. (Social Pilot)
  26. 79% of Twitter users are following brands to see their latest updates. (The Social Shepherd)
  27. Audiences spend 26% more time watching ads on Twitter. (The Social Shepherd)
  28. The platform has experienced a 35% year-over-year increase in global advertisement engagements. (The Social Shepherd)
  29. Four out of every 10 Twitter users have purchased after they saw a creator post content on it. (Oberlo)
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How InsightIQ helps businesses with Twitter demographics data

InisghtIQ provides a solution to integrate multiple creator platforms, like Twitter, and fetch authenticated and public data semalessly.

With InisghtIQ, you can -

  • Verify creator identity and profile information, including profile details, reputation info, and contacts
  • Understand the creator's audience and their conversation, including finding details on the audience's city, country, age, and gender
  • Get the creator's content feed and engagement metrics, including their content info (URL, type, source platform, description) and engagement info (likes/dislikes, comments/shares, views, timestamp)
  • Get the creator's comment feeds, including comment text, URL, ID, Date, Likes, etc.
  • Verify creator's income and monetary transactions, including income, payouts, tax deducted source, transaction description, and transaction timestamps

Contact us to know more about how InisghtIQ can help you filter the best Twitter creators and increase brand awareness!


Influencer marketing is a new approach for brands to reach a vast audience. But, the difficulty is searching for the right influencer on Twitter among thousands of users. However, InisghtIQ can help you get the most important Twitter Demographics stats that can make your job easy!

Designed to eliminate ambiguity, insightIQ helps you make informed predictions of campaign ROI, calculate a realistic CPV, and set engagement targets when investing in a campaign.

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